Pet-Friendly Food Tours, Pub Crawls & Historic Walking Tours

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What you need to know before you book!

  1. Will your pet get along with other dogs and people? Before you sign up for this tour we ask that dog owners to consider whether or not their dog is socially attuned to such a tour.
  2. Per city ordinance all dogs must have their DHLPP and rabies vaccinations and must sign a waiver attesting that the shots have been administered.
  3. Dogs must be on a leash.
  4. Owners must clean up after their pet. Please bring along dog waste bags for the tour.
  5. What if it rains? Unfortunately, all of our venues are outdoors. We suggest that you make your reservation once you have arrived in St Augustine, so that you can check the forecast. If it does rain, we will try to reschedule your tour for the following day or we will refund your purchase if we have to cancel the tour. Sorry, but we cannot refund your purchase if you just decide not to go. By booking the tour your spot is guaranteed on the tour. This will close a spot that someone else could take.
  6. St. Augustine Historic Walking Tours has the right to refuse attendance if a dog shows aggression at the start of the tour. Remember that your tickets are not refundable but can be used for a non-pet friendly tour if you so desire.

Bone Appetit – A Pet Friendly Food Tour

*Call for availability* 1:15pm

Bring along your favorite canine companion as you explore the diverse offerings of Saint Augustine with our expert, licensed guide. Treats and some special “Pet Stops” are included for your four legged friends. You’ll receive generous tastings on this foodie tour as we weave in the history of the city as it pertains to the food offered in our city. Learn about colonial pets and where they came from. An optional wine or beer pairing is available for an extra charge. *See above before booking.

The St Augustine “Pup” Crawl – A Pet Friendly Pub Crawl

*Call for Availabilty* 5:00pm

Now you can bring along your four legged friend for a historic pub tour of St Augustine. You’ll also learn about pets throughout the ages here in America. We have a couple of fun “Pet Stops” just for them and most places will bring out water and maybe a treat for your pets. Included is one pint / full glass of premium, craft or local beer, sangria, wine or soda at each stop. *See above before booking.

Pawsitively St. Augustine

*Call for Availablity* 11am  

Pawsitively St. Augustine is designed especially for pups and their parents visiting St. Augustine. We’ll help you sniff out the history of this Pet Friendly town on this 2 hour walking tour, as we tell you all about the history of St. Augustine and some of the Pet History of America over the years. We’ll even throw in a fun Pup Stop with treats for our four legged guests. We’ll be walking at a pups pace for about 2 miles so be sure to wear comfortable shoes. *See above before booking.

All of our Pet Friendly tours support Ayla’s Acres!

Ayla’s Acres No-Kill Animal Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) that was founded in May 2012.  The sanctuary is home to horses, dogs, cats, goats, pigs, birds, etc.  The sanctuary is a place where these animals can live out their lives with good care and dignity.

In St. John’s County, we do all of our rescue, foster and adoption work.  We find forever homes for dogs and cats.  We focus on finding quality homes for our animals.  Our adoption process includes filling out an application, vet checks and house checks.  Ayla’s Acres tries to find the “best fit” for the animal and the family.  This helps to ensure that our furry friends truly end up in “forever” homes.

Ayla’s Acres receives no government funding. We raise all of the money needed to support of efforts for the animals. It costs between $6,000 and $10,000 a month to run the sanctuary.  As an example, we use 800 pounds of dry dog food a week.

In July 2013, Ayla’s Acres opened a thrift shop called Ayla’s Acres No-Kill Animal Rescue Thrift Shop located at 142 King Street to help offset some of these costs.  All of the items at the shop are donated.  All of the people helping us at the thrift shop are volunteers.

Just want to help them out? They take donations on their website.