Our Mission

St. Augustine Historic Walking Tours is dedicated to giving you a fun way to learn the true history about the Oldest Continuously Inhabited City in the United States. We will make sure that you have a fun time while you explore St. Augustine and all that our city has to offer.

Our Guides

The City of St. Augustine requires that anyone who, for compensation, offers to show and describe the points of interest and historical places in the city must obtain a Tour Guide License. Tour guides must be 18 years of age or older and must pass an examination as to their knowledge of the history of the city; the names and location of streets and highways, proper designations and history of the various points of historical and general interest within the city and its vicinity and other pertinent and important information.

In addition to the city license testing, our guides go through a rigorous in-house training process in order to become St. Augustine Historic Walking Tour Guides. All of our tours are researched at the St. Augustine Historical Society Research Library to ensure the authenticity of all of our stories.

You may have seen pictures of our guides on one of our competitor’s website. None of our guides have worked for that company for over 6 years, yet they still use the pictures as they know that these are the best tour guides in town. Thanks for the kudos and for letting everyone know that we have the “Best Guides” in St. Augustine.



Food Tour, Pub Crawl, Pet-Friendly, Scavenger Hunts

Mia grew up just 90 miles away in the town of Sanford, FL. She graduated from Seminole High School in Sanford, then attended the University of Central FL. While at school at UCF, Mia started her work in the tourism industry with one of her very first jobs being at Walt Disney World in Orlando. She then moved into a Tour & Travel Marketing job with a large night time attraction also in the Orlando area. After graduation from UCF, Mia then moved to Nashville, TN, where she worked in the music/entertainment industry for 10 years, working with some of the biggest names in Country music.

A few years ago she made the move back to Florida, her first love, and St. Augustine. Mia has been a tour guide for over 8 years and in 2011 was a finalist for the St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra & The Beaches Visitors & Convention Bureau’s Tourism Employee of the Year Award.

“I love my job! I could not think of anything that I could love more than showing people around a town that I truly adore. The people here are wonderful, the food delicious and there’s so much to see and do. I love sharing my town with you.”



Spirits w Spirits, Pub Crawl, Food Tour, Pet-Friendly, Scavenger Hunts

Kyle manages our day to day operations when he’s not taking our guests on a fun-filled tour of St. Augustine.

Kyle was born in Tampa, Florida and spent his childhood summers right here in St. Augustine, soaking up the history. He always wished he could stay here when came time to go back home.
A strange ghostly encounter here as a child piqued his lifelong interest into the hidden and occasionally frightening secrets of St. Augustine.
The spirits called, and Kyle returned to live here 11 years ago.
Eventually, he was able to fulfill his dream to work in the tour industry here.
Kyle has worked with several tour companies doing many types of tours, especially haunted pub tours!
He has had many strange paranormal encounters late at night wandering the old buildings and the ancient streets of The Oldest City.
Kyle loves reading books on the history of St. Augustine and entertaining others with his St. Augustine history facebook page.
Sharing the rich history of our town with visitors is what Kyle does best!
When not strolling down St. George Street, Kyle can be found riding his scooter or at the beach!!



Food Tours, Pub Crawls, Pet-Friendly

Lynn’s love of people shines through her!

She realized her love of showing new things to new friends as a dolphin trainer and marine life educator with Marineland. Each person that Lynn meets becomes a new friend.

Lynn has lived in St. Augustine for over 19 years and loves to share her knowledge of her town with the guests on her tours. She is a fabulous Food Tour and Pub Crawl guide and that comes to her naturally. Yes, her cousin was the Brewmaster at the Hofbrahaus in Muinich, Germany which is the home of Oktoberfest. Lynn leads our Historic Pub Crawl, the St. Augustine Food Tours & our pet friendly tours.

When you meet Lynn you’ll be sure to hear her say, “Howdy! Come and play with me!”



Historic Pub Crawl, Food Tour, Pet Friendly, Historic Walking Tours

Amelia is a 2nd generation Floridian, but the itinerant nature of her father’s career didn’t allow for a hometown. She did, however, graduate from St Augustine High School and the Ancient City is one of the many places she’s privileged called home.

Raised in a family of nerds, she was a young subscriber to National Geographic and MAD Magazine. Family vacations were spent in Revolutionary and Civil War battlefields, historic cemeteries, and museums. In a family of history buffs, dinner table conversation was lively and occasionally contentious.

She hit the jackpot when she met and married Terry Wines, who shares her love of history and is always up for a trip to explore the hidden treasures of Americana.

History to her is more than facts and dates– it’s personal. Amelia’s great-grandfather fought for the Confederacy, and her great-great-grandfather fought for American independence in the Revolutionary War. Her ancestry can be traced back to Robert the Bruce, and further to Robert deBrix who joined William the Conqueror’s invasion of Britain in 1066.

History is a living, breathing entity, and Amelia hopes to make everyone as excited about it as she is.

Cap'n Jacki

Cap'n Jacki

Conquistador, Corsairs & Capitalists of St. Augustine, Pirate Pub Crawl

You may know her famous cousin & half-brother Capt Jack Sparrow (our moms were identical twins. Who exactly Daddy was remains shrouded in mystery.)
Jacki can be Capt Jack’s imposter when the opportune moment presents itself…
However, her real work is much more better! Jacki’s ship, the Black Wing, has sailed throughout the Caribbean offering both entertainment and physical therapy for old injured pirates on a system she devised hanging old sails off the yardarm with good rigging.
So climb aboard… You’re in good hands with Jacki!


Food Tours, Pub Crawls, Pet-Friendly

Marlene discovered St. Augustine when her son was a student at Flagler College. Each time she visited, Marlene became more and more interested in the history, stories and beauty of the First Coast. After 35 years in the Boston area, Marlene decided to escape the snow permanently, moving to St. Augustine in June of 2013.

Marlene spends her days teaching young children at a local elementary school. She credits her students for helping her stay young by singing and dancing with her every day. She also loves to teach them the St. Augustine alphabet, which includes C for coquina and Castillo, F for Fountain of Youth, and M for manatee! As a former theatre major, Marlene loves drama and storytelling in the classroom.

The transition to telling stories to adults on a Historic Pub Crawl was a challenge that Marlene met with enthusiasm. In addition to the stories, Marlene loves to play games with her guests, such as “Shut the Box”.  She may even try to “tap your knowledge” with a playful “Beer Trivia” competition!